Maria Mondloch

Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination

spring 2018 |PROFESSOR CHARLIE OTTE | art director


Performance of Destination Imagination pre-show. Scenic design and art direction: Maria Mondloch. Lighting design: Michaela Baird and Jesse Techentin. Set construction: SCAD SOEA 560 class. Actors (from left): Drew Gripe, Tajinae Turner, Burke Swanson, Alexa Robbins. (Kevin Harris shown in thumbnail on home page)


SCAD asked the Themed Entertainment department to create an immersive pre-show experience for a cross-disciplinary VR project that had been created for prospective students. The project incorporated work from many different majors, including Motion Media, Production Design, Dramatic Writing, Performing Arts, and more. I was brought on as Art Director for the project about three weeks before the show opened. I was tasked with designing a space ship airlock and leading the scenic crew.

This was a 3 -week project (2 weeks design, 2 weeks build)

Destination Imagination Concept Rendering, 2018. Revit model and Photoshop paint-over.

Burke Swanson as Mission Captain Montgomery at SCAD’s Destination Imagination Experience, 2018. Photo by Charlie Otte.